Safety stairs are nowadays mandatory in all those public buildings, as well as work buildings, that are subjected to a large flow of people. The current regulations provide a series of parameters so that the safety of the structure is maintained and the safety of those who will have to pass over it is also guaranteed.

Security Guaranteed

In this highly specialized context, Serrametal stands as one of the few companies in the region with a set of certificates that make it one of the most important companies in this sector. Last, but not least, is the acquired certification of "STEEL TRANSFORMATION CENTER," (UNI EN ISO 3834-2 11/2006 standard) which represents a certification on execution procedures, welding, cutting and in general on all the workings that involve a structural modification of the material.

The products are all corresponding to current standards, in addition, all accessories are also guaranteed and subject to thorough inspection. Each stair and accessory is hot-dip galvanized and then painted as the customer desires.

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3D Design

A key role is played by design, as designing a staircase that meets the client's needs as well as regulations is a long and painstaking process. Thanks to the training and experience of its technicians, and by taking advantage of the state-of-the-art 3D modeling provided by Tekla Structures, Serrametal is able to focus time on the client's needs, leaving the IT side to adapt these requirements to a finished product. Design time in this way is focused and reduced, resulting in a safe, aesthetically pleasing but above all guaranteed and certified product.

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