Curtain walls

The basic design includes a series for the construction of insulated vertical curtain walls with thermal break. The series consists of four different versions.

  • The System is secured to the façade cells solely by bonding with silicone.
  • It combines structural bonding with a small, continuous, perimeter mechanical retainer inclined at 45°, which is almost invisible.

Structural bonding is permanently abandoned and replaced by a more or less conspicuous external and continuous mechanical retention. A common element of all versions is the load-bearing lattice of the structure, conceived and proposed either in the framed (SPLIT WALL) or classic mullion and transom (STICK WALL) solution. High performance regarding weather tightness and thermal insulation is to be considered equivalent for all versions of the facade range.

The curtain wall system uses the same mullion and transom grid used in construction as its basic structure. The existing wide range of mullion and transom profiles makes it possible to choose the most statically suitable section depending on the modular dimensions of the facade and the kinetic wind pressure. The possibility of mounting the elements from the outside makes it possible to clad buildings with masonry parapet or completely blind portions of the wall. The main characteristic of this type of construction is to have no visible metal elements on the outside of the facade.

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