• Angelocks 2023 Campaign
    Angelocks 2023 Campaign The new Angelocks campaign for 2023 is being developed. The campaign will always have security as its theme, both with regard to individuals, companies and entities. The campaign focuses on the distribution and promotion of the Angelocks product on the Italian territory. A distribution network that [...]
  • Angelocks expands to Poland
    Angelocks expands to Poland. Angelocks is the innovative device, designed by the company Serrametal, that protects against the risk of falling windows, which every year causes accidents and deaths all over the world. Such an important and international innovation certainly cannot remain confined to Italy, which is why we are proud to announce that it is [...]
  • The new Serrametal site now available!
    The new Serrametal website now available! Serrametal renews its online image, and it does so starting with the most important element: its website! The new portal of the Serramental company features revamped graphics in line with the most current standards, and details our vast production offerings and some of our works of [...]