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  • Alucobond Coating

    Alucobond Cladding ProjectInterior Cladding with Alucobond Ventilated Panels Technical DetailsALUCOBOND® is a composite panel consisting of two outer aluminum sheets and a core of mineral substances that are difficult to flammable or fire retardant, ensures sustainable quality and meets the highest artistic requirements. ALUCOBOND® for rear-ventilated facades combines the characteristics of low-energy construction, [...]

  • Grade Railing Installation

    Railing Installation Grado ProjectInstallation of exterior metal railings at building LocationGrado, Province of Gorizia

  • Udine Hospital Parapet

    Udine Hospital Parapet ProjectInstallation of parapet for internal stairs of hospital PlaceNew Udine Hospital

  • Morsano al Tagliamento Gymnasium

    Morsano al Tagliamento Gymnasium ProjectInstallation curtain wall at Municipal Gymnasium Multipurpose Center PlaceMorsano al Tagliamento

  • External Stairs Installation at the Customs Monopolies Agency - Trieste, Port Area

    External Stairs Agency Customs Monopolies ProjectInstallation of External Stairs at Port Headquarters of Customs Agency MonopoliesLocationTrieste, port area DescriptionInstallation of external steel stairs following field measurement survey and design of the staircase using 3D Software.

  • Intervention in Cividale

    Intervention in Cividale ProjectInstallation of windows and doors at property in Cividale del Friuli, interior and exterior view LocationCividale del Friuli

  • Ardiss Trieste

    Ardiss Trieste Housing ProjectInstallation of windows and doors at the E3 Student House for ARDIS (Regional Agency for the Right to Study) LocationVia Fabio Severo, Trieste

  • A2A plant

    A2A Plant ProjectInstallation of window frames, barriers, ladders, gratings, and handrails at A2A Hydroelectric Plant

  • IPSAA Stefano Sabbatini

    IPSAA Stefano Sabbatini ProjectGlazed ceiling at IPSAA Stefano Sabbatini in Pozzuolo del FriuliLocationVia delle Scuole, Pozzuolo del Friuli, Udine

  • INPS Udine Palace

    INPS Udine buildingProjectReplacement of old traditional window frames with new Camaleante® frames at INPS UdineLocationPiazza XX Settembre, Udine